Monthly Archives: January 2016


In you I saw the
Soil crawling down
Your fingertips
And the ink on
Your left wrist.

I heard the
Velvet Sound
Of the solo darkness;
The unspoken.
I kept busy.

In you I felt your
Half-closed eyes and
The breeze that sang me
“Your song.”
The goddamn breeze
In that ephemeral beauty.

I played with the strings,
With the white sand
From the Riviera;
I made another you
out of the clay.

And then I had to look.
You don’t know
Where to look.
You are the ecstasy.


Toronto – January 2016


One Tragic

His non-existence

And the sweetness of the

Unknown bottle,

The trashed poem,

Unexplained in one tale.

The tale of drowning

In the truth of her blond curls,

In the altitude above the water,


In all for one

And one for



January 2016, Toronto





It is you,

Who bring me

Good news.

And what if two lives

Barely daring to stand by the gates,

Dragging the virgins and their Christ?




The month of miracles is

about to show off.


Dec. 2015, Toronto