Monthly Archives: March 2011

Silver Days

How can I have faith in you and your dreams
while reddish ink is leaking from the rival’s lips?

Where have you gone? To the world of opulence?
What drug can heal this dangerous liaison?

I’m free from your anchored heart, out of my own mind,
crazy in love for an unknown soul – year after year.

The passing days; even the time is unfaithful today.
We sever ties and I bid you farewell. Alas, forever.


Be Born

I dreamt of the newborn leaves

in an impeccable race with

the birds on strike and

the broken ladder

on cold concrete;

with the dusty air

filled with


Counting down

in fast forward;


skipping the two,



I deify the moment

in slow motion,

cherish the Spring,

and honour our beloved



Since 1875

The smell of the perfume is dancing

in the air; proudly, tenderly.

The wet sky washes the stormy brain,

enduring the sweet sorrows; bare and boundless.

Today, the world is at last hers.

She admires the raindrops.

Watching them hitting one by one,

melting down the dirty snow

just like the summer heat dissolving

a blueberry sorbet scoop in the antique land.

The steamy window is nothing less

than an old treasure map, guiding her to

the moment of truth; to nostalgia.

Breaking the steam, she writes down

her thoughts: “I shall move yet again.”