Monthly Archives: October 2010

U for Untitled

Let them sink deep in their unjust

mutation, their frowning faces;

let them play the nasty game

that they often play.

Let them judge you, envy you

to their last bits of bone

then pierce their evil

souls with darkness.

W for Who

and C for




Le Mirage

I turned around,

looked down,

and thought I saw you

in your special norm,

waiting impatiently

for our precious


What treasures;

short they were;

filled by unspoken

thoughts, hidden

behind the veil of sleep;

behind moralities.

I saw the flags waving

and the yellow van

stuck in the traffic,

as you were walking

under the wet sky



Is this yet another

illusion towards a

bleak future?

Will the truth

ever be leaked while

beauty shimmers?

Clear me.

Make this



Black Orchids

It all started from the 14th floor,

where the miracle took its course.

Options replaced by preeminence;

pride and confidence flood in veins.

She glows and grows – day by day;

stands for more and falls for less.

Radiance flashes in her darkened eyes;

the dawn is hers, and the rich blue skies.

Drawing the peace sign in deep purple;

leaving a vestige of the whole deepness.

The wind hides in the next vineyard;

its glory is much too high to defy.

No more wonders, no more mist;

no fierce alarms and no more tricks.

Mass complexities are outdated;

No way to hinder and counsel them.

Let go, leg go, let go of the chapel’s gates

The black orchid melts in the age of innocence.


The Flying Diary

Three decades have passed

and I have not forgotten

the burden of bliss,

the floral cup, full of miracles,

and the heavenly pomegranate trees.

The wishes that were a heartbeat away

and the era where love was

in the highest cycle;

the past is still hanging there –

implacable yet unbearable.

Three decades (and more) are gone;

the autumn’s beauty still hits me right

and I’m still singing the same dream

in which, “thunder only happens

when it’s raining.”

You asked me where I have been;

I said, why don’t you fly with me?

You stood and stared

like a stoned Roman statue

in the coldness of the hallways.

I flew away and faded in the

white shadows above your head.

Oh yes,

the decades

have flown by

and I,

I’m getting

too hard

to beat,




Scrambled – No. 10

Scream out loud(er)
for who fancies you and
only *you* the most.

Leave the world
full of struggles
of lifelong sweethearts;
filled with dark anxieties.

Break its rules;
ignore its punishment
in a matter of time;
ignore the unignorable.

Call for a life – a pure life
and a mind of the unspoken
language of silent.

Bonne chance.