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Next Door

Beneath the angry sky,
where the seagulls start
to pull out in the gigantic
wind, her fingers steal the
fire and the stars just like
in postcards.

She used to be the girl
next door behind the metal
bars; all she ever craved was
the moon, his inhales, and
the smell of the crayons
all night long.


Sunday Poem

Humidity is a killer;

makes the mind sweat

and curl up like the

red-haired little girl’s

ribbon knots and the

tragic guts.

When the bliss is gone,

her hair draws a straight-up

line, and her eyes are

wide shut to the white

feather hats and all the


Her fingers move, her

lips donate him a kiss;

she flies for miles and miles

from an open window or

a closed door; who really

cares anymore?



For the past two weeks, I have been utterly involved in the world’s most famous cup, which can be as time-consuming and stressful as any major incident in daily life. Sadly, today wasn’t the most pleasant day for me and team England, whom I have supported as any loyal fan could ever have. How fair today’s match between England and Germany was is a completely different story — only history will tell what was right and what was wrong.

A token of the outcome is that the life-consuming bliss of this year’s World Cup is over for me, so I can now fully focus on the creative side of my life, my writing, poetry, et cetera.

Ladies and gents, shit happens, life goes on, and England and their team will always rock in my heart.


World Cup 2010 | FIFA My A$$

OK, England lost 4-1 to the Germans. It was one of their biggest defeats of all time. However, I, like many others, am convinced that the psychological impact of an England tie with Germany with the second goal would have changed the whole dynamic of the game.

In the first half, England *should* have drawn 2-2 with Germany, but the bloody f&^%ing referee didn’t see/call the most *obvious* goal (see HERE) and the a-hole German goalkeeper acted totally dumb by not saying anything, even though it was obvious he saw the ball cross the line. Do I think it would have changed the result? Yes, and that’s the answer of not only me but many others who believe in real football.

The whole bliss of this World Cup is over for me… G’luck with your teams, y’all.


World Cup 2010 | Vive l’Afrique

Yes, Ghana was much, much bigger than the USA today.

Their football team won against the American “soccer” (!) team and secured their place in the quarter finals at the World Cup 2010; the cup that is making the heart of millions beat faster than ever before.

Congrats to team Ghana and their fans around the world.


World Cup 2010 | Let the Lions Roar

My beloved England football team is in the final 16. Oh yes, the lions roared yesterday and after performing much better than their previous match and winning against Slovenia, they finally found their place in the second round. Could they get a better result? The answer is a big yes: at least 3 goals or perhaps more. But hey, for those of you who think their team suck, they totally rock for their fans and are forging forward, so sit back and live with it!

Bring on the Germans!


White Berries

Crawling the streets aimlessly; the sunlight’s clasping the earth
drunken and wild from the heat of the longest day
the passing clouds in the dullest sky
getting drunk by the smell of the
fresh white berries hanging
from the prideful tree as
a vintage chandelier
gazing down and
lighting up
the castle’s

down on the
humid soil covered
by lucky pennies and
the ants in a hundred rows
marching home with crumbles
for their summer festivities and
flashing back, back and forth, to the
childhood stories; jumping up, watering the
persimmon tree; the time that all I cared was the fresh
white berries and the rest was just dressing up my all-time dreams.


Lost In Lanes

The voyage goes on then off to…

Where the silence stands for nothing
and he stands still on blue velvet
or on muddy lanes with his Dr. Martens
like a thousand in the battleground
saluting bee the queen.

When she sings the words, digesting
his purest tone and when the marble heart’s
dancing on her cracked bones
while regretting her own heart
fifty on a hundred off.

She’s off to where the currents take her
one direction or maybe five with a
heart full of going-backs where it blooms
not like his, but glows and melts
just like the past.

To the baffled lanes full of wins
when the failures betrayed them once
she stands still just like him, walks the world
leaves the fears, keeps the faith, her little
faith up high.