Monthly Archives: April 2010

Who’s in charge of *love*…

Counting the lines;
the yellow

Fighting the motion;
the sickening

Waiting for the next song;
those upcoming

Smiling at the
and you
in my mind,
who breaks my heart;
not so distressful
after all.

Crying for the
dead grass
seized in between the same
dislike our parallel

… still wondering loud,
who’s in charge of our *love*?


Charlotte et Montréal

It was a chilly night when I found out that a favorite chanteuse of mine will be performing soon, not in Toronto but in Montréal… within a few minutes, I found myself behind this same screen, buying tickets for her second show in city, which happened this past weekend…

Montréal and everything it has to offer always make me smile… last weekend didn’t disappoint: my sunny demeanor started from the train ride accompanied by my love ones, continued straight on to corner cafes, on the streets, at jazz bars, at Charlotte’s gig, to the chug-chugging train back home…

I’ve always respected Charlotte Gainsbourg, not because of her iconic parents, but because of her own attitude and inner beauty, seen on big screens and felt through her music… the gig had my kind of atmosphere… great crowd… very intimate… and did I mention great songs?! I usually rate a live show based on my own experience and the level of good energy I got out of this one was right up there with the best of them!

I already miss Montréal and sense that another visit is on its way…


The grateful *S*

A Room With A View

Sitting here, looking left at the *Gray* sky… watching a passing plane flying through the dancing clouds, wondering where it’s going to land… getting pumped up over my upcoming meeting with *David* in about a month (finally!)… and feeling more and more grateful than ever… this is when my mind interrupts and asks “fancy a cuppa coffee?”

… and the answer is a big YES and no less than that!