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American Doll Posse

ToriToriTori… The “Goddess” is back!!!

Tori‘s new studio album, American Doll Posse, will be released tomorrow, May 1, 2007. How exciting!!! If you are a fanatic fan like myself and can’t wait for another 24 hours, you can listen to the full length album now on Tori’s myspace page (“IF” you haven’t already!)…

I will, however, hit to stores tomorrow for my original copy 😉

Have fun Tori-ing!!!



If you are as big as a fan as I am, then you would enjoy this article on the NY Magazine:
Charlotte Gainsbourg at ten in the morning is as long and lean as an haricot vert. Seated at a banquette at Bemelmans Bar, she asks the waiter if she can smoke. The answer is no, of course. She shrugs and settles in for an hour of green tea and deferred desire. She has impeccable manners, after all. In town to promote her new CD, 5:55, which went platinum in France, she is very polite rather than very chic or very louche. “Where would you like to sit?” she asks.
Read the rest HERE