Monthly Archives: October 2005


I only got few hours of sleep last night. I’m too tired to focus on whatever I have to focus on. Sitting behind this stupid box definitely wouldn’t help. It breaks my heart to say that I have to go; I’m too tired to talk in this cold room. Winter here is very cold and bitter; but you are still colder…


Restless Shadan

I am in a restless mood today. I just can’t seem to get comfortable in any one place. Why should that be a problem? Why should I stay in one location or with one group of people? I guess I have to be more adventurous today. I should probably get out, see and be seen. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going to do!


Finally watched the film “Proof” while I was half asleep. There was absolutely no chemistry between Gwyneth and Jake. Expected more but quite liked the twist of the film. Mrs. Paltrow (Martin!) is indeed an expert in playing depressed and miserable roles. Her role in Proof reminded me of the one she played in Moonlight and Valentino. She is a great talent though; there is no doubt about that.

Recommended on DVD!

Happy Sunday

Sunday – October 23, 2005 – 9:00 am

I just got up. I’m still not awake though. Do you know what the best sound in the world is? I would say the sound of the coffee brewing. And what about the best smell? I would say the smell of the fresh coffee brewing… I need one. I need one desperately. Happy Sunday Luvs… It’s time to smell the coffee!



Fact & Fiction

Sometimes, what people say and what people mean can be two entirely different things, and today, more than most days, I will have to read between the lines. If I still cannot work out what is going on, I should not worry, because in just a few days the fog will lift and I will see with the extreme clarity what is fact and what is fiction.


I just got back from the opera “Carmen“. As expected, the music was lovely. The set and the costume design were nothing spectacular though. Overall, quite enjoyed it! Specially after two platters of sushi with Mrs. R 😉

The next one on my list would be the Nutcracker. I actually don’t mind to see the Swan Lake for the second time. That’s how I fell in love with it three years ago. Will see.

I’m off to bed. Tomorrow would be another day and quite a crazy one!

G’night Luvz …

The End

Before heading off to the yoga session, I paid a visit to Indigo and spent all my B-day gift cards on some good music. Some more are on the way from the good old friend “Amazon“! Haven’t listened to them properly yet. Will do soon and will keep you posted. I’m absolutely knackered so I’ll catch you darlings later. Don’t forget to smile…

Bonne nuit 🙂