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I’m off for today! Good thing that the event went smooth and with no hassle. The weather makes me so sleepy so I decided to go for an espresso shot. It tastes good.

I was reading this article in the most recent issue of Vogue, about Kate Winslet. I always liked her. Liked her in Sense and Sensibility, in Hideous Kinky and in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The fact that she doesn’t give a shit about Hollywood is cool.

“I’m sure that in prepping for this you’ve probably read that I always have puree down my shirt, and I have cellulite as well, and I don’t give a fuck about my weight, and I was with somebody who died, and I’m onto my second marriage, and blah blah blah. Yes, all those things have happened, but I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m an actress, and I want to be appreciated as an actress. I have, in fact, done a lot that I’m really proud of. I feel like I can say that now.”

Kate is a cool Brit. Kate is real. Kate knows how to act. More importantly, Kate is a Libran who was born in 1975; just like me 🙂

I’m off to my class now. Will be back soon.

The Box #2

It was the craziest day ever. It was a mess at work and the heat was just killing me. The good news is that the box is finally open so I have something to read 😉 The bad news is that I cannot read anything right now as I am a dead zombie; especially after only 4 hours of sleep last night.

Nite darlings. Will be back soon.

The Box #1

I’m looking at the box but am not sure whether to open it or not. I guess I should wait. The biking today was with a huge excitement. Not a very pleasant one but fortunately things went OK at the end. Friends are coming over in an hour to see their future house but more importantly, to collect their boxers and then other friends will join for a wild night 😉

Stay tuned…

Toronto’s Face #2

Hundreds and hundreds of high rises are built in Toronto every year. I just read an interesting article in the most recent issue of the Macleans magazine about Shane Baghai, one of the most famous builders in Canada, who happens to be Iranian 🙂

Instead of me writing about it here, get a copy and read it yourself. The article is written by the famous author of “Here Be Dragons: Telling Tales of People, Passion and Power“, Peter C. Newman.


Falling …

Nothing is better than being treated by your new manager; having lunch with your new manager when the new manager updates you with all the company’s new gossips! Nothing is better than being free with all the bullshits. Nothing is better than getting excited and falling again. Nothing is better than how I feel right now 🙂

I’m just falling in love with the view of this apartment. God bless the friends with the balcony.

Be Right Back 😉


Just got back from the airport. A true chaos. Another strike. It’s amazing how unions decide to go on strikes and screw everyone’s life. Would they really earn what they are looking for? Or they are just wasting their own and everybody else’s time?

Watch the news tonight; you might see me carrying two suitcases in the middle of the highway, under the sun 😉

Bon voyage.

Cyber Café

I’m in the cyber café; reading the news, studying for my new job and chilling out in a nice and sunny Sunday afternoon. My monitor at home is still recovering. One day it’s fine; the next day it’s dead again.

The highlight of the weekend was Friday night when I decided to join the friends, watching the Batman Begins on the big screen. Guess what? It was fully packed. I bet most people were curious to see Tom’s new fiancé and I was excited to see my favorite actor Michael. But it was so packed that few of us including myself decided to return our tickets and instead enjoy our Sex and the City! (Sorry, Sex on the Beach) in Panorama. The rest of the weekend was and still is calm and relaxing.

The memories are everywhere. Even in the cyber café around the corner.

Back chilling! LaterZ 🙂


I just got back from the show, Ain’t Misbehavin’. I’m not really into jazz but this one was so cool. I won two tickets in a draw few weeks ago. Even more cool! The best seats ever. So close to the stage with the best view.

The next show on my list would be Carmen. Anyone interested, give me a buzz.

I’m off to bed now. It’s going to be crazy tomorrow.

Nite darlings …


My monitor is dead. Almost dead. So I can’t see what’s I’m typing now. It’s complettely out of the focus.

I’ll be coming up with more posts soon. Very soon. Stay tuned …

S 🙂


A very busy weekend again:

Friend’s birthday party with too many tequila shots; biking for 4 bloody hours and got all burned; poker till dawn; sushi with friends and family; watching Brad and Angelina on the big screen; falling in love with the second track of X&Y; writing in this box after god knows how long; getting ready for tomorrow; a very new day of my life and quite a serious one.

Love all the ones who just read this post.

LaterZ 😉