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An Old Man, A Young Man, and Life’s Greatest Lesson

I always become a much happier person whenever I buy books. Just bought a couple of books today before heading off home as I finally finished “Tuesdays with Morrie” last week. This was the second book I read from Mitch Albom. He indeed knows how to attract and grab the attention of the reader. It’s based on a true story. A very simple one but It’s a kind that teaches you many lessons; great lessons that comes out from the heart of a dying professor; to the point that you feel like underlining some parts and read them over and over and that’s exactly what I did:

“Don’t cling to things, because everything is impermanent.”

I will share the rest of the parts, which I found interesting in the nearest future. As USA Today pointed, “the book begs to be read aloud.”

A friend needs help desperately and doesn’t stop buzzing me while I’m writing this. Be right back!


The weekend was full of celebrations. Birthdays, Weddings, etc.

I just got back from a wedding ceremony and I am knackered. Too much drinking, eating and dancing. Typical Iranian wedding! I’m off to bed now; will write more soon.


Toronto’s Face #1

Toronto is not anywhere close to London, Paris or New York in terms of the architecture. Some people (including myself) call Toronto, “New York Wannabe”. Christopher Hume thinks differently though. He thinks that the city is on the verge of an architectural renaissance that will forever change the way we think about it. I think he is right and here is why:

Frank O’Gehry. A well-known architect. A genius. I didn’t know him before I visited the Guggenheim museum in NY City two years ago. Gehry is the one who is designing the new building of the Art Gallery of Ontario. The 70-foot high, 600-foot long glass and titanium façade opens up the street to the activity within the gallery. The project is to be completed in 2008.

Daniel Libeskind is the man behind the ROM. Described as a “crystal locked in limestone,” Libeskind’s sharp excrescences overlay and extend from the existing site. “When I saw the crystals at the Rom I saw the world in a new way. Everything evolves from crystal. Even humans evolved out of DNA.” – Daniel Libeskind, Studio Daniel Libeskind. The project is to be completed in 2007.

Donald Trump never sits back. He is building the tallest mixed use residential and hotel building in Canada; Trump International Hotel and Tower, Toronto. Trump’s plan will include luxury accommodations, penthouses with 28-foot-high ceilings and grand staircases. The construction is expected to begin in late 2005. That’s Trump and no one should expect less!

See, things are happening. Toronto has so much potential to alter its face. Will Alsop has his point too; “I’d take University Avenue and make it the most extraordinary street in the world. You have the width and breadth to really do something there.” He is absolutely right. As a friend is always mentioning, University Avenue has the potential to become The Champs Elysées.

More coming up regarding Toronto’s Face. Stay tuned …


I’m a coffee drinker. I drink at least one coffee from Starbucks everyday! Here is what was written on my cup today:

“Failure’s hard, but success is far more dangerous. If you’re successful at the wrong thing, the mix of praise, and money and opportunity can lock you forever.” — Po Bronson Author

Mr. Bronson’s next book is about the challenge of family. Click HERE to learn more about his new project.

Weekend Update

I love photography and I admire the ones with great visions. Sam Javanrouh’s opening was a great experience. I liked the simplicity of his work, which made me wonder about the way he observes things. My favorite photo in the exhibition was “Black and Yellow” which is surprisingly taken on my birthday; my last year’s birthday!

Have you ever been to a restaurant for the first time and everything turns out absolutely great? Beyond your expectations? Bar Italia in the heart of Little Italy was one of them. Quite a modern ambiance with nice lounge music and dim lights. The food was very tasty. The servers were all cute (Hey guys, do not miss out your chance!) with friendly attitude and not like those snobs. Quite a fun night with too much eating!

The chitchat with the one and only, Nelly (!), over our Lattes in her favorite Timothy’s on Sunday was simply great. We met early afternoon and ended up late evening. Great stories, great memories and a LOVELY evening.

It’s raining. I like the smell of the rain. It’s fresh. Here I am now, writing in this box and getting ready for tomorrow.


The Way I See It …

“The Zen master would say if you want to change government, you have to aim of changing corporations, and if you want to change corporations, you first have to change consumers. Whoa, wait a minute! The consumer? That’s me drinking this cup of coffee.” — Yvon Chouinard – Climber/Surfer/Environmentalist

Beautiful World

Toronto is Sunny! The weather is gorgeous. Had a beautiful lunch in the patio with Neg. Everything is beautiful. Everybody is beautiful. Can’t be better. Chris (my all time favorite) can describe my feelings:

Bones sinking like stones,
All that we’ve fought for,
Homes, places we’ve grown,
All of us are done for.
And we live in a beautiful world, Yeah we do, yeah we do,
We live in a beautiful world.
Oh, all that I know,
There’s nothing here to run from,
‘Cos yeah, everybody here’s got somebody to lean on.

Have a fab long weekend and stay merry 🙂


Let’s make this brief:

All these big names are going nuts over the Star Wars. I’m talking about Lego; I’m talking about Burger King; I’m talking about M&M and many more. All for their own sake; to sell more and making more profit. Belinda is on the cover of all the papers. She got what she wanted; huge publicity! Bill Murray and Julie Delpy hit the red carpet at Cannes yesterday. Cannot wait to see their new film together,”Broken Flowers“. I’m a huge fan of both of them. Won two tickets for the show “Ain’t Misbehavin” in a draw that I entered last week. Never won anything in my life before, so that was sweet. The question is who I should invite to join me?! 😉 Tomorrow is going to be one of those long days. Hope everything goes well in the last Adobe event and I don’t screw up! I look forward to a great and productive day. C’est Tout.

Later Stunners.

Inhale… Exhale…

I started my Yoga classes again! It was a tough session this evening, as I haven’t been practicing it for ages. So I’m tired now. An absolute Zombie! A fresh Zombie though!

Better start organizing myself instead of writing here. I have a very serious event tomorrow morning and I actually have to wake up in less than 5 hours. The event starts at 8:30 but I’ve gotta be at the Westin Harbour Castle by 6:30 am (Cannot wait for my fresh morning coffee and the hotel’s breakfast!). It’s gonna be an interesting one cause Adobe this time will be partnering with Apple! Many people are expected to be there which is quite exciting.

I’m off now. Nite 🙂