Monthly Archives: February 2005

French Women Don’t Get Fat

Have you ever wondered why French ladies are always slim and stylish? You see them early in the morning or after a long working day and they still look at their best. French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano will tell you why.

I was at Chapters (as usual!) yesterday and was leafing through the pages of this book. It sounds very interesting and I reckon it would help. Well, it better does! To learn more about the book, you can read the article at CBS News.

I’m SO going to buy the book (the cover ROCKS too!) and I’m SO going to enjoy my wine and cheese from now on!

Stay tuned …

POKER Obsession

I even dream of Straight Flush and Full House these nights!!!

All of us have recently become quite obsessed with cards; more specifically with POKER! Some take it more seriously and some are more casual but the truth is we are all obsessed.

I clearly remember the film”Rounders” which I saw perhaps six or seven years ago in a movie theatre in London. I liked it a lot but even then I thought it would be so cool if you actually know the game and its glossary and enjoy watching Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malcovich playing it.

Mr. Blockbuster, see you tomorrow!