Monthly Archives: November 2004

Movies, Movies and More Movies

Last week was my special movie week. Had the chance to see a few both indoors and outdoors!

First let’s start with “À la folie… pas du tout” (He loves me, He loves me not). Cute Audrey Tautou had another of her mysterious performances. She looked so cute but pissed me off in this one. What a maniac!

Garden State” was a dodgy one. The dialogues were quite interesting. The soundtrack is also highly recommended. We live in a beautiful world, yeah we do, yeah we do…

The last one was “Stage Beauty“. Reminded me so much of “Shakespeare in Love”. Claire Danes and the rest of the actors performed really well. I reckon she has a good chance to be nominated for an Academy Award next year. It was funny to see the usual bunch of British actors in this one again.