Monthly Archives: October 2004

Modigliani: Beyond the Myth

Have you ever heard of the Bohemian artist, Amedeo Modigliani?

I discovered this amazing, yet misunderstood artist of the 20th century, at the Art Gallery of Ontario yesterday when I went to the press preview of the exhibition. This is the first solo exhibition in Canada and represents more than 80 paintings, drawings and sculptures by Modigliani (1884-1920). I personally loved the portraits of his lover, with twisted noses and almond eyes. They are really interesting.

The show will be open to the public from October 23, 2004 to January 23, 2005. If you are into paintings and cultural activities, don’t miss the exhibition! It’s definitely worth it.

An English Man in TORONTO

It’s been a while since I have written anything in my blog! Had a very very busy summer so couldn’t event think of stuff like this. Now I’m fresh and ready to start writing again. Especially after last night’s show! Sting’s concert I mean. It was just FABULOUS! Couldn’t be better. It wasn’t just him, it was his opening act, Annie Lennox, who also rocked the ACC (full house). They are both real artists and I was lucky to see them on stage. The music, the atmosphere, the crowd, the screen, everything was just perfect. It was such a great night with my lovely friends especially after the hassle of collecting our tickets… But that’s another story!